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Where children discover learning through play

Small group sessions

To encourage and support each child's development we ensure that all children have opportunities to participate in small group sessions.

At the earliest age this will involve children participating in short activities and bubbles, and will incorporate plenty of opportunities for practising turn-taking and sharing. Older children will be encouraged to use their turn-taking skills to play a board game independently or to work together to solve a problem or complete a challenge.

Communication skills

We strongly believe that children need time and space to develop their language, attention and communication skills. Adults carefully interact with the children, taking care not to bombard children with questions and allowing sufficient time for each child to respond within a conversation. Pitching language at different levels for the mixed age group is a key aspect of our approach to the development of communication skills.

Children's language develops significantly during the early years and to demonstrate a child's progress we observe and note the child's language as it is spoken. Observations will show the exact language used within speech marks, over time these will provide a clear overview of the child's language development.